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SMK Develops Industry Smallest Drawer Connector

 SMK Corporation has developed a compact, high-performance drawer connector featuring 1.3mm pitch and a stacking height of 12.5mm making it the smallest package in the industry and is ideal for industrial, gaming, ATM, ticket and vending machines and other equipment requiring an effortless floating interconnect.
 In recent years, advances have been made for higher performance and multi-functionality in various equipment. This has led to an increase in the number of control and power line connections. The result of this has been an increasing demand for drawer connectors and SMK has developed the RP-1 series to ensure the robustness required from drawer connectors while having a compact design.
 The new connector is designed with 36 pins with plans to further expand the variations of pin counts in the future to enhance our lineup.

Date Released 2016/03/15
Release No. 1058cs
Product Name Drawer Connector "RP-1 Series"
Part numbers: CSC1036-4H01F (Plug) / CSS5306-0J01F (Socket)

1) Permits floating allowance of up to ±1.5mm in the X and Y directions when stacking the connectors.
2) A space saving design with the lowest pitch in the industry at just 1.3mm for higher densities in equipment.
3) A long effective stacking distance (the range in which the electrodes come into contact with each other) of 3.5mm to ensure a stable connection.
4) Currently available with 36 circuits with considerations for other pin count options in the future.

Major Specifications

Rating 50V DC、2A
Contact Resistance 20mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance 100V DC, 100MΩ minimum
Withstanding Voltage 100V AC (for one minute)
Operating Life 500 cycles
Applicable Electrical Wire 26AWG
Operating Temperature Range -25℃~+60℃
Applications Industrial equipment (e.g. robots for industrial use)
gaming or amusement equipment, electronic application equipment (e.g. ATM, ticketing and vending machines)
office automation equipment (e.g. printers and digital multifunction machines)
automotive-related equipment (e.g. overhead consoles)
Release Date April, 2016
Production Capacity 5,000,000 units
sample price 500 yen (Plug and socket set)
Inquiry For more information, Please contact the CS Division