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SMK Expands High Performance Pogo Terminal Lineup

SMK Corporation has expanded its lineup of standard High Performance Pogo Terminals by developing a single pin version with a stacking height of 5.4mm and a dual pin version with a narrow pitch of 2mm and 3mm. SMK Corporation has been receiving favorable reviews since mass-production of their High Performance Pogo Terminals in 2010. “Our High Performance Pogo Terminals are mainly used as internal connection terminals in smartphones. However, they are also increasingly being adopted in automotive electronic equipment and wearable devices – markets that are expected to expand in the future. Our enhanced lineup of products will contribute to an improvement in design freedom in various connections with a focus on antenna and ground connections.

【Product Features】
1. Expansion of our product lineup of High Performance Pogo Terminals
  • ・SMK Corporation now offers single pin with stacking heights of 0.7mm to 5.4mm with the release of their new product. Furthermore, SMK provides stacking heights of 1.7mm to 3.0mm for their dual pin making it possible to select the number of pins depending on the application.

    2. Smaller and thinner with high contact reliability
  • ・SMK Corporation’s new products are smaller and thinner while ensuring high contact reliability by adopting their unique contact structure inside the connectors.

    Smartphones, wearable devices as well as other mobile devices, Tablet PCs, digital cameras and automotive electronic equipment.


    【High Performance Pogo Terminal Lineup: Additional Products】


     Single pin type
    (Stack height 0.7mm~5.4mm)

     Dual pin type
    ・2mm pitch
    (Stack height 2.6mm~3.0mm)
    ・3mm pitch
    (Stack height 1.7mm~3.0mm)

    Drawing Number

    (Model Drawing Number)

    (Model Drawing Number)




  • Date Released 2016/07/14
    Press Release Number 1063cs
    Product Name Part Numbers High Performance Pogo Terminal
    Part Numbers:CSS5301-1E00F(Single pin type Model Drawing Number)
    Part Numbers:CSS5302-4001F(Dual pin type Model Drawing Number)

    1) SMK Corporation has various working heights available for both single pin and dual pin terminals. This enhanced lineup will contribute to an improvement in design freedom in sets.
    2) The compact and space-saving designs of these terminals will contribute to a reduction in the area occupied by substrates.
    3) These terminals will ensure absorption space on top of the connectors and make it possible to support automatic mounting.

    Major Specifications

    Rating 5V AC/DC, 3A
    Contact Resistance 30mΩ max
    Operating Life 500 times
    Operating Temperature Range


    Release Date July, 2016
    Production Capacity 1,000,000 units per month
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