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Development of Thin "D2 F/G" Decorative Film Touch Panel with Light Touch Operation Capability

SMK Corporation has developed a resistive "D2 F/G" decorative film touch panel, which features an ITO film that has been directly decorated.
In line with the popularity of smartphones and tablet terminals in recent years, there are increasing needs for a fully flat operating screens where the frame is directly decorated. Decorated printed sheets are typically pasted on the upper surface of most resistive touch panels, but with this product, the standard decorative sheet part is deleted and directly printed on the ITO film wiring of the resistive touch panel for product thinness and light input operations.
The maximum size of this product is 15 inches, and it will be promoted for a wide variety of uses such as copying machines and industrial equipment, which require light load operations and high reliability.

*D2 is an abbreviation of Direct Decoration.
*F/G is an abbreviation of Film and Glass.

【Product Features】
1. Standard decorative sheets are not required
  • ・Product is thinner and lighter by removing the standard decorative printed sheets by directly printing onto the ITO film.

    2. Light touch operations
  • ・Removing the printed sheets provides a comfortable light touch operation.

    3. Full-flat structure
  • ・A stylish fully flat design.

    Factory automated equipment including machine tools, office equipment, POS, etc.

  • Date Released 2016-09-27
    Press Release Number 1067tp
    Product Name “D2 F/G” Resistive Decorative Film Touch Panel

    1) The decorative sheet part was deleted from the standard touch panel structure enabling product thinness and light input.

    Major Specifications

    Sensing System 4-wire resistive
    Input Method Finger, glove, and pen
    Input Force 0.05N ~ 1.0N
    Operating Temperature Range -5℃ ~ +60℃
    Storage Temperature Range -30℃ ~ +70℃
    Typical Transparency 80% maximum
    Production Capacity 50,000 units per month
    Sample Price Price dependent on customization required
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