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The Development of a Bluetooth® Smart-supported Standard Voice Remote Control

SMK Corporation has developed a voice remote control.
In the TV/set-top box market, the multi-functionality of devices has progressed in recent years. Accordingly, the need for intuitive and easy-to-operate multi-functional remote controls has increased.
To meet these market needs, SMK has developed a remote control that is embedded with a microphone, enabling the voice operation of equipment via Bluetooth® Smart technology. The mold and the basic software of this new product are standardized contributing to reduced development costs and time for the device development. This product is thin and can be carried with ease.
SMK intends to actively develop products and propose new products in the set-top box and home electronics market in the future.

*The product shown is a reference design and features may be altered.

Note: Bluetooth® word mark and logos are the registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by SMK Corporation is under license.

【Product Features】
1. Standard remote control equipped with microphone

  • ・Enables operation of equipment by voice via Bluetooth® Smart technology.

  • 2. Stylish design
  • ・This product has a thin and easy-to-carry design and will be available in various attractive color schemes.

  • 【Applications】
    TV, set-top box, home network devices including media players

    Date of Release 2016-09-28
    Press Release No. 1068FC
    Product Name

    Bluetooth® Smart-supported Standard Voice Remote Control


    1) Standard wireless remote control installed with a microphone.
    2) Enables voice transmission via Bluetooth® Smart communication.
    3) Providing standardized mold and basic software helps to reduce development costs and time.

    Major Specifications

    Communication Protocol

    Bluetooth® Smart


    Voice transmission

    Supply Voltage

    Number of Keys 16 (plan)
    The Date of starting taking orders December 2016
    Production Capacity A factory mold will be handled separately.
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