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SMK Develops Two Pin DC Power Connector
With Tool-free Connection

SMK Corporation has developed a DC Power connector featuring a safe, easy and secure connection enabling a power cable to be easily connected to equipment without any special tools.
When connecting a power cable to equipment or switchboard, a ring crimping terminal has been necessary to be screwed onto the terminal board.
SMK’s new connector does not require a crimping terminal and enables stripped cable to be connected just by simply inserting it into socket which reduces the time in man-hours.
As an option, a thermal fuse or thermistor can be mounted in the plug. It realizes high safety. In addition, this connector has waterproof & dust control specification of IP65 protection class.

【Product Features】
1. Able to connect power cables to the socket without any special tools
  • ・Socket and cable are locked just by inserting power cable into socket and closing the snap on cover. (Patent pending.)

    2. Easy detachment of parts
  • ・The cover can be easily unlocked with a screwdriver. (Patent pending.)

    3. Waterproof & dust control class IP65 when fitting is secured
  • ・Waterproofing performance of withstanding water jets for at least three minutes.

    Power conditioner, rechargeable battery, switchboard, etc.

  • Date Released 2016-10-05
    Press Release Number 1069CS
    Product Name Two Pin DC Power Connector
    Part number: CCT9901-3901F (Plug)
    Part number: CCT9901-4001F (Socket)

    1) A two pin configuration, medium DC current connector with IP65 waterproof & dust control performance when properly mated.
    2) Connecting a power cable to socket without any special tools can be accomplished by inserting the stripped cable into the socket and closing the cover. (Patent pending.)
    3) It requires no screwing process and achieves easy and high reliable connection, unlike general terminal boards.
    4) Additional screw tightening is unnecessary reducing maintenance man-hours.
    5) Cables are removed with a screwdriver. (Patent pending.)
    6) Fitting of plug and socket can be released by pushing the hook with a screwdriver. (Patent pending.)
    7) Thermal fuse or thermistor can be mounted on a plug on the equipment side.
    8) RoHS compliant.

    Major Specifications

    Rating 20A (2sq) ※Tub-in terminal on plug side
    30A (3.5~5.5sq) , 40A (8sq)
        ※Crimping terminal on plug side
    Contact Resistance 5mΩ max
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ minimum (1000V DC range)
    Withstanding Voltage 6kV AC for one minute
    Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +85℃
    Release Date April, 2017
    Production Capacity 500,000 units per month
    Sample Price 1,000 yen per unit (plug and socket set)
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    Inquiry For more information, Please contact the CS Division