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SMK Develops the “TS-X” series,
the Industry’s Lowest Profile Coaxial Connector with Switch

  SMK Corporation has developed the “TS-X” series; an ultra-low-profile coaxial connector with a switch that can be used to inspect and measure the high frequency properties of mobile communication equipment.
  In recent years, the demand for connectors used for inspection has increased due to the expansion of wearable devices and equipment with communication functions such as IoT products. Simultaneously, as the trend for thinner and smaller products rise in popularity, the miniaturization of installed components is also required.
  SMK’s newly developed coaxial connector has been scaled down to be the smallest overall size in the industry (Outer dimensions: 0.58mm height × 1.78mm depth × 1.48mm width), a reduction of about 54% in area and about 39% in height compared to the standard series under production “TS-11”, resulting in additional space for design freedom for end products. In addition, it possesses high-frequency performance covering up to 11 GHz.
  The inspection plugs are available in two forms: A self-standing mating type, useful for evaluation and product development; and probe type, suitable for automatic inspection in mass production.

Smartphone, wearable devices, tablet PCs, wireless LAN, etc.

Date Released February 7th, 2017
Press Release Number 1076CS
Product Name Ultra-low-profile coaxial connector with switch, “TS-X” series
Part Number: CRS5001-6901F
Product Features

1) The lowest profile in the market.
    Height: 0.58mm
    Mounting area: 1.48mm (W) x 1.78mm (D)
2) Suitable for high frequency inspection.
    Wide frequency range up to 11GHz.
3) Two types of applicable inspection plugs are provided.
    For evaluation and development: self-standing mating type
    For automatic inspection: probe type

Major Specifications

Rating 50V AC/DC
Frequency Range DC to 11GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR (Normally Closed) 1.3 maximum (DC to 6GHz),
1.5 maximum (6 to 11GHz)
Operating Temperature Range -25℃ to +85℃
Sample Price 200 yen per unit
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