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SMK Develops a Waterproof FAKRA Connector
for Automotive Devices

   SMK Corporation has developed a waterproof FAKRA-compliant connector for automotive devices meeting the waterproof standard of IPX7 when mated with plug.
   There is increasing demand for FAKRA-compliant coaxial connectors for antennas of GPS, TV and radio as well as for automotive cameras and vehicle-side electronic control units (ECU).
   SMK’s new FAKRA connector has been scaled down to contribute to miniaturization of automotive devices. Cable plug (right in the image) can pass through Φ12mm holes.
   In addition, it possesses high-frequency performance covering from DC to 4GHz.
   Customers can request custom products using a different specified cable (1.5D and RG174 are applicable) other than what SMK is providing (“1.5DS-QEHB” of Shikoku Cable). In that case, confirmation of detailed specification of the cable by SMK Corporation is required.

Automotive devices (antennas, surround monitoring camera modules, etc.)

Date Released February 23rd, 2017
Press Release Number 1077CS
Product Name Waterproof FAKRA Connector
Part Number: CRC1001-57XXF

Major Specifications

Rating 60V AC, 1A
Frequency Range DC to 4GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR 1.3 maximum (DC to 2GHz),
1.5 maximum (2GHz to 4GHz)
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +85℃
Release Date May, 2017
Production Capacity 300,000 units per month
Sample Price 300 yen per unit
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