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SMK Develops USB Type-C™ PCB Mount Receptacles
Having the Industry’s Shortest-level Depth of 7.6mm

   SMK Corporation has developed two types of right angle PCB mount receptacles ―On Board Type/Mid Mount Type― which are compatible with USB Type-C™ standard*.
   As the trend toward smaller products is growing, the miniaturization of installed connectors is also required. SMK’s new USB receptacles have the industry’s shortest-level depth of only 7.6mm.
   Simultaneously, enhanced durability against plug twisting has achieved by the double-shell structure.
   Also, the SMK’s unique structure ensures a precise coplanarity of 0.08mm (max.), contributing to reliable mounting.
   The design of outer shell for mounting is customizable in accordance with the customer’s request.

* USB Type-C™ is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum.
   USB Type-C™ is a new standard for USB connector, featuring the
   support of high-speed transmission of up to 10Gbps, and reversible
   mating which enables insertion and extraction regardless of the plug’s

   Smartphones, tablet PCs, car navigation equipment, set-top boxes,
   head-mounted displays, robots, digital cameras, etc.

Published Date June 20th, 2017
Press Release Number 1082CS
Product Name USB Type-C™ Receptacle
Part Number: CSS5324-1M01F (Mid Mount Type),
                     CSS5324-3M01F (On Board Type)

Major Specifications

Rated Power 5A maximum, 20V DC
Contact Resistance 40mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance 100V DC, 100MΩ minimum
Withstanding Voltage 100V AC (1 minute, no arc or dielectric breakdown)
Operating Temperature Range -30℃ to + 80℃
External Dimensions CSS5324-1M01F (Mid Mount Type):
8.94mm (W)×7.6mm (D)×3.46mm (H)
     Mounting Height: 1.88mm
     Mounting Area: 92.575mm²
CSS5324-3M01F (On Board Type):
8.94mm (W)×7.6mm (D)×3.5mm (H)
     Mounting Height: 3.5mm
     Mounting Area: 74.463mm²
Operating Life 10,000 cycles
Goes Into Mass Production From August, 2017
Production Capacity 1,000,000 units per month
Sample Price 200 yen per unit
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