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SMK Develops a Metal-stamped Explosion Proof Valve,
Whose Unique Structure Ensures Stability at Low Cost

   SMK Corporation’s newly developed metal-stamped explosion proof valve for lithium-ion batteries is now ready to launch. Its simple structure (patented) requires less stamping process, contributing to reduced manufacturing costs, favorable stability and reliability.
   The shift to Electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating in recent years, reflecting the tightening of environmental regulations. Along with this global trend, demands for lithium-ion batteries for EVs are also expected to grow significantly.
   In order to provide solutions to safety concerns of batteries, SMK has developed explosion proof valve, a safety mechanism in lithium-ion batteries, by taking advantage of the metal stamping technology cultivated by the production of connectors and switches.
   Besides selling the product itself, SMK plans to offer a patent license agreement including related patents. On request, other battery parts such as electrode or case can also be manufactured by SMK.
   SMK thrives to offer various solutions to meet customers’ needs in lithium-ion battery market.

*Explosion proof valve: A safety mechanism which prevent the battery from explosion caused by an abnormal rise of internal pressure by breaking the valve and releasing the gas.

*Dimensions of valve are customizable to meet battery sizes.

Automotive, industrial, and household lithium-ion batteries, capacitors, etc.

Published Date November 9th, 2017
Press Release Number 1091SPD
Product Name Explosion proof valve (metal stamping)
Part Number: JD96002-1, JD3002-1

Major Specifications

Operating Pressure 0.6±0.2MPa
(Adjustable according to customers’ request)
Material Aluminum (Stainless: Subject to negotiation)
Operating Temperature Range -30℃ to +55℃
Start Taking Orders from November, 2017
Production Capacity Depends on specifications
Sample Price 100 yen per unit
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