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SMK Develops Controller for Small Capacitive Touch Panel

    SMK has developed a touch controller for small capacitive touch panels. Targeting wearable devices such as smartwatches, it narrowed down its functions to that required for operation of small touch panels (up to two inches).
    Even though the sensor consists of a single film, it enables smartphone-like touch operations such as flick and pinch by designing to minimize the wiring with the sensor electrode. The sensor is available up to two inches and can be customized into round shape as well as rectangle. This product will be provided in a set of a sensor and a controller.
    In addition to reducing material costs by using single-layer sensor film, this product succeeds in reducing manufacturing costs due to the SMK’s unique sensor pattern design which eliminates the need for narrow-pitch wiring.
    As the firmware for the controller is developed in-house by using a general purpose integrated circuit, SMK will accept the customization request of touch specification and small-lot orders with ease.

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, etc.

Published Date March 22nd, 2018
Press Release Number 1099TP
Product Name Controller for small capacitive touch panel

Major Specifications

Sensing System Capacitive
Input Method Finger (up to 2 points)
Interface I2C / UART
Supply Voltage 1.8 to 5.5V
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C
Start Taking Orders From May 2018
Production Capacity 100,000 units per month
Sample Price Price depends on customization required.
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