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SMK Develops Board to Board Floating Coaxial Connector
with High-frequency Performance

   SMK has developed a board to board coaxial connector equipped with a floating mechanism.
   In recent years, the demand for coaxial connectors is increasing in automotive market amid the spread of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) devices.
   SMK’s new connector was developed for connection between boards in the automotive devices such as engine control unit (ECU) or smart antenna, and it is also ideal for base station and factory automation equipment which is adopting Internet of Things (IoT) at an accelerated pace.
   The connector is designed to be small and capable of high-frequency operation in order to contribute to the downsizing of final products. It has also a floating allowance of ±0.5mm in XYZ directions that enables to absorb the mating gap occurred in connecting board to board.
   Going forwards, SMK will strive to develop height variations of the connector and further expand its product lineup.

Automotive devices (such as ECUs, smart antennas), base stations, factory automation equipment.

Published Date September 19th, 2018
Press Release Number 1105CS
Product Name Board to Board Floating Coaxial Connector

1) High-frequency performance covering from DC to 6GHz.
2) Floating allowance of ±0.5mm in XYZ directions.
3) Reflow-solderable.
4) RoHS compliant.

Major Specifications

Rating 0.5A, 50V AC/DC
Frequency Range DC to 6GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR DC to 3GHz: 1.3 maximum
3 to 6GHz: 1.4 maximum
Insertion Loss DC to 3GHz: 0.3dB maximum
3 to 6GHz: 0.8dB maximum
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Mounting Direction On-board
Mounting Method Reflow soldering
Packaging Reel
Mounting Height 10mm (between boards)
Mounting Area Socket: 7.5mm x 6mm = 45mm2
Plug: 7mm x 6mm = 42mm2
Operating Life 10 cycles
Sample Price 500 yen per unit
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