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SMK Develops Direct Bonded LCD Module
Offering Outstanding Visibility Even In Sunlight

   SMK Corporation has developed a standard liquid crystal display (LCD) module “CapDuo Touch – Hunt” in which an LCD and a capacitive touch panel are directly bonded.
   It features high visibility with 50% lower reflectance*1, achieved by employing a high-brightness LCD, that displays clearly even under sunlight, with direct bonding technology*2. SMK is capable of doing direct bonding in-house, enabling integrated production and quality assurance.
   The new module uses “CapDuo Touch” series, a touch panel consisting of a single sheet of glass with X and Y sensors on the front and back surfaces respectively. It allows for gloved hand operation and touch detection even while water droplets are on the panel. Also, its bridgeless structure brings a superior appearance.
   It is suitable for a wide range of applications where high visibility and durability are required such as outdoor-use displays for motorcycles, ships and construction equipment.

*1 Compared with SMK’s air-gap bonded conventional model
*2 Direct bonding (optical bonding) is the process of adhering a touch
    panel directly to an LCD. Unlike the conventional air-gap bonding,
    this method eliminates the air gap in between and minimizes the
    reflection, thus contributing to an improved readability.

Motorcycles, ships, construction equipment, and other displays for outdoor use.

Published Date September 25th, 2019
Press Release Number 1122SCI
Product Name LCD Module “CapDuo Touch – Hunt”

1) Clear visibility with less reflection even under sunlight.
2) High reliability product (Automotive grade).
3) Allows gloved hand operation and touch detection even with water droplets on
    the panel and used with a thick cover panel.
4) No rainbow effect or black screen phenomenon even while wearing polarized

Major Specifications

Sensing System Capacitive (Mutual-capacitive)
Input Method Finger
Input Force 0 N
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +95°C
Typical Transparency 90% minimum
Reflectance 1.5%±1%
Display Size 6.5 inches
Number of Pixels of LCD 800 (RGB) W × 480 H WVGA
Display Mode Normally Black
LCD Brightness Typ. 1000cd/m2
Start Taking Orders From September 2019
Goes Into Mass Production From October 2019
Production Capacity 50,000 units per month
Sample Price Please contact us for pricing.
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