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SMK Develops an Automotive Industry First*:
Combination of Thin Glass Capacitive Touch Sensors
and a Large Curved Cover Glass

   SMK Corporation has developed the “CapDuo Touch-S”, a combination of thin glass capacitive touch sensors with a large curved cover glass, ideal for automotive displays.
   Along with advancement in autonomous driving, the amount of information displayed in vehicle cockpits is increasing, and this has led to the standardized installation of center information displays (CID) and digitalization of meter clusters. Two-in-one displays combining a CID and meter cluster are also becoming a trend.
   Against this backdrop, SMK has developed a unique two-in-one product, in which two thin glass sensors (0.4 mm thick) are bonded to the left and right sides of one large curved cover glass. Unlike conventional curved touch sensors in the market, which generally use film sensors that are easy to bend, SMK's new product uses glass sensors. This gives advantages in terms of reliability in the automotive environment, as well as excellent visibility as it causes no rainbow effect even while wearing polarized sunglasses. With the curvature of the cover glass, this product is ideal for modern automotive interios.
   The new product utilizes "CapDuo Touch" sensors, each consisting of a single sheet of glass with X and Y sensors on the front and back surfaces respectively. This bridgeless structure offers a superior appearance.
   SMK intends to continue developing value-added products in response to the demands of the increasingly diverse and sophisticated automotive display market.

    * According to SMK's research of automotive capacitive touch sensors
       over 12 inches with large curved cover glass.

Center information displays (CID), meter clusters, etc.

Published Date March 10th, 2020
Press Release Number 1126SCI
Product Name Capacitive Touch Panel with Large Curved Cover Glass "CapDuo Touch-S"

1) Two-in-one structure suited for a CID and meter cluster.
2) Bonding of thin glass sensors to large curved cover glass.
3) Utilizes bridgeless "CapDuo Touch" glass sensors.
4) No rainbow effect or black screen phenomenon even while wearing polarized
5) High reliability (Automotive grade).

Major Specifications

Sensing System Capacitive (Mutual-capacitive)
Input Method Finger
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +95°C
Typical Transparency 90% minimum
Bend Radius R600 (Left) / R1,000 (Right)
*Demo unit spec
Thickness of Sensor 0.4 mm *Demo unit spec
Sensor Size 12.3 inch (same size on left and right)
*Demo unit spec
Start Taking Orders From March 2020
Production Capacity 50,000 units per month
Sample Price Please contact us for pricing.
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