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SMK Develops FPC/FFC Connector
Designed for Robotic Assembly
Featuring Easy Mating in One Action

   SMK Corporation has developed 0.5mm pitch one action FPC/FFC connector "EA-51 Series" suited for automated FPC/FFC insertion by robots.
   In recent years, in order to make up global labor shortage and to reduce production costs, the latest trend of manufacturing processes has accelerated to shift toward factory automation and the demand for connectors compatible with robotic assembly has been increasing today.
   Unlike the conventional FPC connector required to follow three assembly steps (1. Open the cover 2. Insert FPC/FFC 3. Close the cover), EA-51 enables user to complete FPC/FFC assembly by insertion only (No need to open and close the cover). This feature is ideal for automated assembly line by robots, contributing to shorten tact time.
   Also there are two “windows” on top of the connector surface for users to check the condition of FPC/FFC insertion visually or by image inspection machines, making it easier to detect assembly failure due to the incomplete insertion (Right angle type only). And the lever for unlocking FPC/FFC made of stainless provides excellent rigidity to prevent connector itself getting deformed or broken as even if assembled FPC/FFC is forcibly pulled out.
   SMK will continue to develop the new products contributing to the automation of manufacturing processes.

TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes (STB), digital video recorders (DVR)

Published Date March 17th, 2020
Press Release Number 1127CS
Product Name 0.5mm Pitch One Action FPC/FFC Connector "EA-51 Series"
Part Number: CFPC5XX-0101F (Right Angle Type)
                     CFPC7XX-0101F (Vertical Type)

1) One action FPC/FFC lock system suitable for robotic assembly contributes to
     automation of the manufacturing process.
2) Able to check the condition of FPC/FFC insertion through windows at the top of
     the connector. (Right angle type only)
3) Since the lever is made of SUS with high rigidity, when the FPC/FFC is pulled out
     by force, even if the FPC/FFC is broken, the connector itself will not be deformed
     or broken.
4) Compatible with FPC, FFC, and shielded FPC
     (Applicable thickness: Signal 0.3±0.05 / Ground 0.5±0.05)

Major Specifications

Pitch 0.5mm
Contact One-sided
Number of Pins Right Angle Type: 20, 25, 30
Vertical Type: 25
Rating 50V AC/DC, 0.4A
Contact Resistance 40mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance 500V DC (1 minute) / 50MΩ
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC (1 minute)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +80°C (Including internal temperature rise)
*After reflow
Right Angle Type Vertical Type
External Dimensions W 13.7mm (20Pin),
    16.2mm (25Pin),
    18.7mm (30Pin)
D 6.75mm
H 3.2mm

W 18.6mm (25Pin)

D 5.0mm
H 6.35mm
Mounting Area 92.47mm2 (20Pin),
109.35mm2 (25Pin),
126.22mm2 (30Pin)
93mm2 (25pin)
Packaging Reel
Operating Life 30 cycles
Start Taking Orders From Started
Goes Into Mass Production From Started
Production Capacity 1,000,000 units per month
Sample Price 100 yen per unit
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