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SMK Develops Small Coaxial Connector for Automobiles
That Can Accommodate Cables of Two Different Diameters

   SMK Corporation has developed automotive small coaxial connectors “MH-2 Series”. With the commonized housing, it allows the connection of cables of two different thicknesses; 1.5D and 2.5D. Board plugs for connecting coaxial cables to boards are also available.
   In recent years, the number of devices such as cameras and antennas equipped in cars has been increasing, and at the same time, these automotive devices are becoming more and more high-definition capable. With the increase in data traffic, the trend toward higher transmission speeds and higher frequencies is accelerating. Against this backdrop, there is a strong need to reduce the size of connectors to save space, use larger diameter cables to improve transmission performance, and take measures against noise. To meet these demands, SMK has developed small coaxial connectors that can connect cables of different thicknesses, support high-speed transmission and high frequency, and have excellent anti-noise performance.
   It provides a favorable high-frequency response of up to 6GHz as well as enhanced noise resistance performance by using a unique contact structure. Furthermore, the volume when mated is 30% less than SMK’s conventional FAKRA connector, contributing to the downsizing of automotive devices.

Automotive Devices (cameras, antennas, ECUs, IVIs, etc.)

Published Date September 22nd, 2021
Press Release Number 1139CS
Product Name Small Coaxial Connector for Automobiles “MH-2 Series”
Part Number:
      CRC1001-61XXF (1.5D cable plug), CRS9001-53XXF (1.5D cable jack)
      CRC1001-62XXF (2.5D cable plug), CRS9001-54XXF (2.5D cable jack)
      CRC5001-93XXF (Board plug)

1) Common housing enables connection between 1.5D and 2.5D cables.
2) VSWR less than 1.5 (frequency range of up to 6GHz)
3) Enhanced anti-noise performance
4) Small size (Volume reduced by 30% compared to SMK’s FAKRA connector)

Major Specifications

Rated Voltage / Current 60V / 1A
Contact Resistance 20mΩ maximum (initial)
Insulation Resistance 500V DC, 1,000MΩ minimum
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC (1 minute)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Frequency Impedance DC to 6GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
Insertion Loss DC to 3GHz 0.4dB maximum
3 to 6GHz   0.6dB maximum
Applicable Cable 1.5D and 2.5D coaxial cable
External Dimensions Cable plug:
8.5mm (W) × 26.75mm (D) × 9.75mm (H)
Cable jack:
7.0mm (W) × 20.4mm (D) × 9.45mm (H)
When mated:
8.5mm (W) × 36.75mm (D) × 9.75mm (H)
Board plug:
10.5mm (W) × 10.75mm (D) × 16.5mm (H)
Mounting of Board Plug Mounting Area: 112.88mm2
Mounting Height: 16.5mm
Mounting Direction: Vertical
Mounting Method: Through hole reflow
Operating Life 25 cycles
Start Taking Orders From November 2021
Goes Into Mass Production From April 2022
Sample Price Depends on specifications of cables.
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