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SMK Expands Product Lineup of FAKRA Connector:
Waterproof Cable Jack with 35% Lower Profile

   SMK has expanded its standard product lineup of automotive FAKRA connectors by adding a right-angle low profile type waterproof cable jack. This product has achieved about a 35% reduction in height (from 22.9 mm to 15.0 mm) compared to SMK’s conventional product*.

   In recent years, the number of cameras and antennas equipped in cars has been increasing along with the advancement of safety features, the progress in self-driving technology, and the expansion of communication functions (spread of connected cars). Against this backdrop, the demand for FAKRA connectors to connect these devices has been growing worldwide, particularly in Europe, the United States, and Japan. At the same time, as the number of automotive devices in a car increases, they need to be lighter, easier to wire, and mounted in a smaller space, which requires connectors to be even smaller and lower in height.

   To meet these demands, SMK has developed a FAKRA connector with an approximately 35% lower profile than the conventional product. It has high waterproof performance in accordance with IPX7 and IPX9K, improved from the conventional product that complies only with IPX7. Furthermore, the frequency range has been expanded to 6GHz from 4GHz in the conventional product, providing an excellent high-frequency performance.

*conventional product: CRS9001-46XXF

Automotive Devices (cameras, antennas, etc.)

Published Date November 25th, 2021
Press Release Number 1142CS
Product Name Waterproof FAKRA Cable Jack (Right-Angle Low Profile Type)
Part Number: CZF2100-02XXF (cable outlet direction: 3 o'clock)
                     CZF2100-03XXF (cable outlet direction: 9 o'clock)

1) FAKRA-compliant.
2) Low profile. (Product height is approx. 35% lower than the SMK’s conventional
3) Two cable outlet directions are available: 3 and 9 o’clock.
4) Excellent waterproof performance. (IPX7, IPX9K)
5) Excellent high-frequency performance. (Supports frequency range up to 6GHz.)

Major Specifications

Rated Voltage / Current 60V / 1A
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Frequency Impedance DC to 6GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR DC to 2GHz: 1.4 maximum
2 to 3GHz: 1.5 maximum
3 to 6GHz: 1.6 maximum
Insertion Loss DC to 3GHz: 0.3dB maximum
3 to 6GHz: 0.45dB maximum
Applicable Cable 1.5D coaxial cable
Standard ISO20860-1/-2, DIN72594-1/-2, USCAR-17/-18
External Dimensions 11 mm (W) × 14.65 mm (D) × 15 mm (H)
Operating Life 30 cycles
Start Taking Orders From November 2021
Goes Into Mass Production From January 2022
Sample Price Depends on specifications of cables.
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