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SMK Develops Terminal for Small Mobile Devices
Featuring Industry’s Smallest* Mounting Area

   SMK has developed “Ultra Small Terminal Series”, terminals with a minimized mounting area for ground connection and antenna connection of small mobile devices.
   Reduction of the mounting area is a critical factor for components used in small devices such as smartphones and wearable devices. Small Terminals are required further downsizing and, at the same time, a wide range of lineup with various heights.
   SMK’s “Ultra Small Terminal Series” achieved the industry’s smallest mounting area with a width of 0.9 mm and a length of 1.8 mm. It is about 60% smaller than SMK’s conventional product (RT Series).
   There are currently four types in this series: UST-1 (operating height range: 0.45 to 0.75 mm), UST-2 (0.6 to 0.9 mm), UST-3 (0.75 to 1.05 mm), and UST-7 (1.35 to 1.65 mm). SMK plans to sequentially develop UST-4, UST-5, and UST-6 (0.9 to 1.5 mm)in the future.
   In addition, it can transmit a current of 1.5A at 5V DC, making it usable also for power connection.

* According to SMK's research.

Ground connection of smart watches, antenna connection of smartphones,
ground, antenna, and power connection of other small and thin devices.

Published Date January 13th, 2022
Press Release Number 1143CS
Product Name Ultra Small Terminal
Part Number: 415CPB-239-50F (UST-1), 415CPB-258-50F (UST-2),
                     415CPB-259-50F (UST-3), 415CPB-260-50F (UST-7)

1) Industry’s smallest mounting area.
2) Diverse operating height ranges: from 0.45 to 1.65mm.
3) Allows current of 1.5A.

Major Specifications

Rating 5V DC, 1.5A
Contact Resistance 50mΩ maximum
Operating Temperature Range -45°C to +85°C
External Dimensions 0.9 mm (W) × 1.8 mm (L)
*Height varies by part number
Mounting Area 1.8mm2 (maximum)
*Size of recommended pad in PCB
Operating Life 10 cycles
Mounting Method Surface mounting
Packaging Reel
Start Taking Orders From Started
Goes Into Mass Production From UST-1 Started
UST-2,3,7 May 2022
Production Capacity 2,000,000 units per month
Sample Price 100 yen per unit
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