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SMK Develops the Industry’s Smallest* Device
Allowing Rotary Input Operation on Touch Panel

   SMK has developed the “Jog Dial on Touch Panel”, an input device that can be placed and operated on a touch panel, in response to the recent trend toward larger in-vehicle displays and increasingly multifunctional home appliances.
   This is a new concept input device that allows users to physically turn the dial switch on the touch panel in addition to the usual operation of touching the screen, which was achieved by combining SMK’s touch sensor technology with mechanical design technology. It covers a wide range of applications, including volume, air conditioning, timers, and menu selections.
   Placing the dial switch on the touch panel saves space and improves the design flexibility of the final product, contributing to the creation of new designs.
   The minimum size is φ30 mm. It is the smallest in the industry as a capacitive-type jog dial.
   SMK will continue to develop high-value-added products to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse and sophisticated display market.

* According to SMK's research.

Infotainment systems (in-vehicle infotainment, display audio, car navigation equipment, etc.), automotive center consoles,
and home appliances with input devices (washing machines, refrigerators, microwave oven, etc.)

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Published Date March 15th, 2022
Press Release Number 1146SCI
Product Name Jog dial on Touch Panel

1) Intuitive operation realized by SMK’s unique structure of jog dial.
     (patent pending)
2) Greater flexibility in housing design compared to the use of conventional control
3) Customers can freely select where the dials are placed and multiple dials can be
     placed on a touch panel.
    *Intended to be offered as a set with touch panels.
4) Donut-shaped design with a hollowed-out center is also available.

Major Specifications

Structure Mechanical rotary knob (No electrical components)
Minimum Dimensions Φ30 mm, Height 10 mm
Number of Clicks One rotation can be divided into up to 32 steps.
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +85°C
Sensing System Capacitive (Mutual-capacitive)
Fixing Method Adhesive tape/glue
Sample Price Prices vary depending on customized specifications.
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