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SMK Develops FPC/FFC Connector Featuring Reliable Locking

   SMK has developed FV-1 Series FPC/FFC connectors featuring high contact reliability for vehicle powertrains such as automotive batteries and inverters.
   Conventionally, wires and crimping connectors were mainly used for the connection between automotive units, but in recent years, there has been a trend to replace crimping connectors with FPC/FFC connectors to make automotive products thinner, lighter, and easier to assemble. SMK’s new FPC/FFC connector, developed against this backdrop, achieved about 60%*1 reduction in height compared to SMK’s conventional crimping connector and contributes to the downsizing and lower profile of the final products.
   Compared to one-piece type connectors in which the FPC/FFC is directly inserted into the receptacle, this product, with a two-piece structure, in which the receptacle and plug housings are locked together, provides a more secure connection, making it suitable for automotive applications under high-vibration and shock environments. Also, it has a housing structure that prevents the FPC/FFC contact points from being touched when mating, which improves assembly workability.
   As a connector with high resistance to vibration and shock, FV-1 Series is also ideal for applications besides automobiles, such as industrial robots.

*1 Comparison between crimping connector (CSC5016-1101F) and
     FV-1 Series (CFF5712-0101F)

Automotive batteries (connection of CMUs*2 and BMSs*3), inverters,
industrial robots, etc.

*2 CMU: Cell Management Unit
*3 BMS: Battery Management System

Published Date March 17th, 2022
Press Release Number 1147CS
Product Name FPC/FFC Connector “FV-1 Series”
Part Number: CFF57XX-01YYF (Receptacle), CFF59XX-01YYF (Plug)

1) Extensive lineups: FV-1A (8~20Pin) and FV-1B (24~40Pin) in FV-1 Series
2) Low Profile: Height 6.5 mm (FV-1A), 8.0 mm (FV-1B)
3) Structure that prevents touching FPC/FFC contact points during mating process
4) Simple assembly process
     - One-touch mating with only low insertion force
     - Easy removal by pushing the lever to unlock

Major Specifications

Rating 200V DC / 1A
Contact Resistance 30mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ minimum
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +105℃
External Dimensions (W×D×H) 12Pin: 30 mm × 20 mm × 6.5 mm
40Pin: 40 mm × 25 mm × 8 mm
Mounting Method PCB Mount (Reflow-soldering)
Packaging Receptacle: Reel, Plug: Tray
Mating/Unmating Cycles 10 cycles
Pin Count Variations FV-1A: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20Pin
FV-1B: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40Pin
*Please contact us for other pin counts.
Available Samples 12, 20, 40Pin
*Please contact us for other pin counts.
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