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SMK Develops Capacitive Sensing Hybrid IC
with No Software Development Required

   SMK has developed a capacitive sensing hybrid integrated circuit (IC) that can measure the capacitance value. By attaching electrodes to the outside of the container and connecting them to this IC, it enables non-contact sensing of objects inside the container. For example, it can detect whether the liquid level has reached a preset level without directly touching the liquid. This makes it ideal for applications such as checking the remaining amount or fullness of liquid food or medical equipment, where hygiene is a concern.
   This product features a microcontroller-less configuration and requires no software, whereas capacitance measurement typically requires a dedicated microcontroller and software. This reduces development time and cost and enables a low-cost capacitive sensing system.
   It is highly customizable according to container specifications and sensing objectives. Various settings are possible by adjusting external resistors and diodes and reconfiguring the wiring.
   In addition, unlike float-type* sensors, the capacitive liquid level sensor with SMK’s IC has no contact with the object or moving parts, which contributes to ease of maintenance in addition to the hygienic benefits.
   This product can also be used for various applications such as detecting objects other than liquids.

* Float liquid level sensor:
A float with a magnet inside rises and falls according to the liquid level in the container. The amount of liquid is detected by measuring the magnetism from outside the container.

Home appliances, medical equipment, industrial equipment (dispensers, etc.)

Published Date January 19th, 2023
Press Release Number 1153SCI
Product Name Capacitive Sensing Hybrid IC

1) Non-contact sensing.
2) Capacitance value detection without microcontroller.
3) Various settings of measurement conditions and detection range are possible
    with external circuits (resistors).
4) Build-in interval circuit enables intermittent and power-saving operation.
5) In addition to the capacitance value (analog voltage), 1/0 judgment can be made
    by the built-in comparator, which can be used for indicator (LED lighting, etc.).

Major Specifications

Sensing System Differential capacitive sensing
External Dimensions (W) 18 mm
(H) 14 mm (including terminals)
(T) 3.6 mm (mold)
Terminal SIP (Single In-line Package)
1.27 pitch × 12 pin
Supply Voltage 3 to 5 V
Power Consumption 100 μA maximum (at 3 V, no load)
Minimum Detectable
Capacitance Change
10 fF*
*f (femto) = 10−15
Mass Production Scheduled to start in December 2023
Sample Price TBD
Inquiry For more information, please contact SCI Division.