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SMK Expands Product Lineup of Small Coaxial Connectors
That Can Accommodate Cables of Two Different Diameters

   SMK has developed multi-pin variations of “MH-2 Series” small coaxial connectors that allow the connection between cables of two different diameters, 1.5D and 2.5D. With an expanded product lineup, including the newly developed 2-pin and 4-pin types, in addition to the 1-pin types announced in 2021, SMK provides solutions for a wide range of requirements, focusing primarily on automotive applications.

   In recent years, with the advancement of automobiles, the number of automotive devices such as cameras and antennas has increased. At the same time, there has been progress in improving image resolution and pixel density, resulting in a rapid increase in data transmission volume. In response to this trend, there is a growing demand for connectors that offer space-efficient designs and support the use of thicker-diameter cables to enhance transmission performance.

   The MH-2 Series offers the ability to connect cables with different diameters by standardizing the housing. In addition to providing excellent high-frequency performance for high-speed transmission, the newly added multi-pin types allow for the simultaneous connection of multiple cables, improving assembly efficiency and reducing the space required in the final products.

Automotive devices (cameras, antennas, ECUs, IVIs, etc.),
industrial equipment, robots, medical equipment

Published Date October 24th, 2023
Press Release Number 1162CS
Product Name Small Coaxial Connector "MH-2 Series"
*Part numbers are listed at the bottom of this table.

1) Common housing allows connection between 1.5D and 2.5D cables.
2) High-frequency response of up to 6GHz with VSWR of less than 1.6.
3) Enhanced anti-noise performance.
4) Extensive product lineup (1, 2, 4-pin types)

Major Specifications

Rating 60V, 1A
Contact Resistance 20mΩ maximum (initial)
Insulation Resistance 500V DC, 1,000MΩ minimum
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC (for one minute)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Frequency Impedance DC to 6GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR Please contact us.
Insertion Loss Please contact us.
External Dimensions Please contact us.
Applicable Cable 1.5D and 2.5D coaxial cable
Mating Life 25 cycles
Taking Orders Started
Sample Price Please contact us.
Inquiry For more information, please contact CS Division.

Part Number:
CRC1001-6101F (1-pin 1.5D cable plug)   CRS9001-5201F (1-pin 1.5D cable jack)
CRC1001-6201F (1-pin 2.5D cable plug)   CRS9001-5401F (1-pin 2.5D cable jack)
CRC1002-6401F (2-pin 1.5D cable plug)   CRS9002-6001F (2-pin 1.5D cable jack)
CRC1002-6901F (2-pin 2.5D cable plug)   CRS9002-7101F (2-pin 2.5D cable jack)
CRC1004-6301F (4-pin 1.5D cable plug)   CRS9004-5801F (4-pin 1.5D cable jack)
CRC1004-7001F (4-pin 2.5D cable plug)   CRS9004-7201F (4-pin 2.5D cable jack)