Series JSB(ASE) 
Product Name Slide Switch (Anti-Static Electricity ) 
Parts No. JSB1220-1721F 
  • 1. The product protects against the infiltration of static electricity by extending the static electricity invasion route from the operating area.
  • 2. The product has removed the clicking sensation of a switch, allowing the customer to design their own feeling sensation.
  • 3. Country of Origin : Japan  
Application Smartphone, Digital camera, PC, IC recorder, Healthcare equipment etc.  
Standard - 
External Dimension Width: 2.7mm Depth: 8.8mm Height: 2mm 
Packaging 10,000pcs/Box (1,000pcs/Pack) 
Rating DC12V 0.1A 
Circuit SPDT 
Operating Life 10,000 cycles 
Operating Force 1N Max. 
Travel 2mm 
Changeover Timing non shorting 
Knob Direction Horizontal 
Operating Type without click 
Specification is subject to change without prior notice for improving performance of the product and so on.
Dimensions and specifications described herein are limited to major items.
When applying the product, please confirm details in the drawing and spec sheets which will be provided upon request.
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