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SMK Develops a Robust USB 3.1 Micro-B Connector Featuring an Additional Shielded Bracket.

 SMK Corporation has developed USB 3.1 Micro-B connector for connection to devices such as tablet PCs, digital cameras and portable HDDs for communication and battery charging purposes.
 The new USB 3.1 compliant connector improves the robustness against twisting, and yanking the plug cable by adding a shielded bracket that is mounted on top of the receptacle. This dual-shielded design allows for additional soldering points typically found on a single-shielded product, to prevent vertical and horizontal displacement.
 The inner shield does not require mounting points (feet) for soldering which in turn eliminates the need for holes that could cause flux ingression during soldering.

Date Released 2015/01/29
Release No. 1027cs
Product Name USB3.1 Micro-B connector
Drawing №CSS5310-7H01F

1) The product complies with USB3.1 standards.
2) The product is USB3.1 Micro-B-type receptacle and 4-pin DIP type.
3) The product employs a double-shielded structure to strengthen twisting force resistance and improve mounting strength.
4) The product can be automatically mounted by embossed taping.
5) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications

Rating AC30V Power lines 3A
Power Delivery(PD)compliant
Signal line 0.25A
Contact Resistance Power lines:30mΩ maximum
Other lines:50mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance

500V DC After 1minute. 100MΩ

Withstanding Voltage 100V AC for 1minute.
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+80℃
Operating Life 10,000 times
Applications Tablec PC, digital cameras, portable HDDs
Release Date January,2015
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