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microSD Series
microSD Card Connector


  • 1. This connector is a connector for the microSD card.
  • 2. Low profile and small type.
  • 3. Enhanced strength due to integral molding of the contacts and housing.
  • 4. Automatic mountable with a sucking space.
  • 5. Contry of Origin
  •   CLE9108-7A09F,CLE9108-8090F:China
  •   CLE9108-3A90F,CLE9108-9290F,CLE9108-9590F:Japan


Standard: SD
Mounting Height: 1.32~3.6mm
Card Guide: with
Ejection Distance: Push-Pull, Push-Push
Card Detector Switch: with,without
Number of Pins: 8
Rating: Refer to Part No.
Contact Resistance: 100mΩmax.
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩmin. at 500 DC
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC (for one minute)
Operating Temperature Range: Refer to Part No.
Operating Life: 3,000 cycles

Material and Plating

Housing: Thermoplastic Resin, Black, 94V-0
Contact: Cu Alloy,***Au Plating (Contact Section) ,***Au Flash Plating (Terminal Section)
Plate: Steel Use Stainless(SUS)


    Smartphone , Mobile phone, Tablet PC, Digital camera Other mobile devices

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