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Automotive industry is shifting from drive assist system to autonomous driving as appearance of cars equipped with automatic driving functions. The demand for high sensing and high speed communication is growing.

Current Challenges

・Enhanced functionality of driver monitoring systems.
・Support high-speed data communication of 6GHz or more and deal with easily-occurring noise.
・Support increased downsizing and lightening.

Proposal from SMK

・RF based Occupancy & Vital signs sensor.
・Automotive camera module that enables high-pixel/wide dynamic range.
・High-speed transmission connector required for various sensors and telematics units.
・EMC-supporting components.

Product Lineup

Vital Sign Sensor PDF Non-contact vital signs monitoring sensor operating in static and driving mode.
Camera Modules Automotive camera module with over one million pixels.
Multi Coaxial Connector Small size multi coaxial connector is under development, that supports for increase in circuits due to use of several cameras and diverse in antennas.
Noise-Resistant Components PDF An abundant lineup of noise-resistant components that support various contact configurations, which have been successfully used for automotive purposes. They are vibration resistant and have a wide variety of heights.
This introduces SMK’s wide range of connectors and input devices which have been successfully used for automotive purposes.
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