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With advances in communication technology, the world is moving toward a connected society. 5G network, spread of IoT devices, and advanced AI will bring us exciting new services and new business opportunity.

Current Challenges

・To establish stable communication network; huge data with no-delay, always-on connection.(high capacity/high-speed/expansion)
・Ensuring security and high reliability.

Proposal from SMK

To achieve the high contact reliability, our connector is designed to minimize the effect on contact and fixing parts in automotive vibrating environment such as no-resonance shaped spring etc. It is downsized and achieved high contact reliability by preventing separating or sliding contact points.

Product Lineup

Multi Coaxial Connector A compact multipolar coaxial connector that uses multiple cameras and handles an increased number of circuits due to communication antenna diversification.
Floating Board to Board Coaxial Connector This was developed for connecting boards inside automotive devices such as ECU and smart antennas.
10P High-Speed Connector A compact high-speed transmission connector with a lock that meets automotive specifications. It supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 signal transmissions.
Board to Board Connector (Floating type) A small-size board connecting connector that absorbs mating gaps and supports 6Gps high-speed transmission.
Noise-Resistant Components PDF An abundant lineup of noise-resistant components that support various contact configurations, which have been successfully used for automotive purposes. They are vibration resistant and have a wide variety of heights.
This introduces SMK’s wide range of connectors and input devices which have been successfully used for automotive purposes.
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