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As the electrification of automobiles continues to advance, there is increased demand for technology that connects the powertrain of next-generation automobiles such as HEV and EV with information terminals and automotive monitor interfaces.

Current Challenges

・We provide products with high contact reliability that respond to the particular vibration, strength and noise of vehicles. We will continue to develop products in the future that will support the further downsizing and lightening of products that allow high-speed data transmission.

Proposal from SMK

・Supports high-speed transmission with antinoise measures
・Wide variety of automotive uses due to its heat- and motion-resistance
・Reduces the board mounting area due to component downsizing

Product Lineup

Board to FPC Connectors Our automotive FPC connector is introduced here. It can be used for various automotive purposes due to its high contact reliability, FPC holding power, and simple and secure operability.
RF Coaxial Connectors This product supports high frequency bands and can be used with GPS, ETC and automotive media. It also supports product downsizing and internal space-saving.
interface Connectors A connector that connects in-vehicle media devices. This product supports durability which complies with automotive specifications and an excellent mounting feeling.
Mini Jacks This connector is used for AUX terminals that input portable media into automotive devices. A wide and varied lineup of these connectors is available.
High-speed transmission This product supports recently increasing demands for high-speed transmission. Original products and standard-compliant products are available.
Media Hub Unit products are made to customized specifications to support various input terminals when using in-vehicle portable media devices.

High-speed transmission

HSD Connectors
The product supports high-speed transmission protocols such as LVDS, USB2.0 and Ethernet.
5 Pins Connector for USCAR-30 Standards
Integrating a case and hold-down with the connector allows it to be mounted one step, helping to simplify mounting work and improve assembly workability.

Media Hub

Demand for media hub is increasing because they support connection to diversifying external equipment.
We can provide multiple units for various kinds of connectors in line with customers’needs.