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HMI Human Machine Interface


In line with the electrification of and adoption of smart technology by automobiles, information transmitted to drivers has increased vastly and become more wide-ranging.
As a result, it has become an important challenge to improve HMI to transmit this increased information accurately.

Current Challenges

・In line with the diversification of mounted devices using information communication, operating systems required of drivers has become more complex. Inputting devices that minimize the operating burden of drivers and allow touch-typing are required.

Proposal from SMK

・We provide inputting devices that enable intuitive input and are highly compatible with smartphones and tablet PCs.

Product Lineup

Touch Panels In addition to standard resistive system touch panels (glass/glass type, film/glass type), our lineup also includes capacitive touch panels (self capacitance system, mutual capacitance system).
Touchless Operating Panel As well as regular capacitive touch panel functions, our products support proximity and hover operations, enabling more intuitive input.
Touch Switches
(CapLux Touch)
This capacitive touch switch can be attached to curved cover panels and housing. It helps to improve the design of operating areas.
Remote Control Units This product supports customized remote controls for RSE use in addition to all standard automotive remote controls.
    RSE:Rear Seat Entertainment
Switches This highly-reliable switch is suitable for automotive use.
We have a wide and varied lineup of stroke and heavy load switches.
Touch Pads This product is a highly-reliable automotive remote operating device based on our own algorithms.

Touch Panels

High transparency/Low refrectance We provide high transparency and low reflection touch panels that are easy to use in difficult environments such as Automotive use.Click here to see structural drawings and principles relating to each type.Our capacitive touch panel supports difficult temperature specifications demanded for automotive uses such as car navigation and car audio. Click here for configuration examples.
Multi TouchThis touch panel has a proximity sensor function developed as a new input method for resistive film type touch panels. It can sense distances within 5cm of the touch panel's operating surface.
Click here for more details.
It enables input from 2 to 10 separate points.
Click here to see details about operating principles.
Mutual capacitance:
It is another type of projected capacitance. Either the X or the Y sensor is scanned, and another sensor is used to take a reading of the change in capacitance at the point of intersection between X and Y. Between two and ten points input can be handled at once. Mutual capacitance is more sensitive than self capacitance, allowing for thicker design plates to be attached to the touch panel.
Proximity sensing Touchless operating panel
Touch Feeling The sensation of pressing a switch in a touch panel can be gained from this product.
Click here for more details.
A capacitive touch panel that enables two-step input and vibration.
Click here for more details.
Light Operation Feeling It has a lighter operating sensation than standard products.
Click here for more details.

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