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Drive assist, preventive safety and crash safety technologies have advanced strikingly towards the realization of autonomous car. Electrical control has become crucial to secure safety technology. Functions such as drive assist and object detection through sensors and cameras, and high-speed transmission through secure connection between various connectors is increasingly required at the electronic component level

Current Challenges

・Offers high-reliability as a safety component
・Extends object detection distance / widens angle of object detection ranges

Proposal from SMK

・Automotive grade high-reliability components such as heat/motion-resistant functions
・High pixel density and high resolution, narrow to wide angle automotive camera module


【360 deg coverage sensor technologies
for driving assistance and object detection】

Product Lineup

Camera Modules This high pixel density/high resolution camera module has a resolution of over one million pixels and is suited to various types of use as automotive devices. Our lineup of products covers various angles of view. Customization support is also available.
Board to FPC Connectors Our automotive FPC connector is introduced here. It can be used for various automotive purposes due to its high contact reliability, FPC holding power, and simple and secure operability.
RF Coaxial Connectors This product supports high frequency bands and can be used with GPS, ETC and automotive media. It also supports product downsizing and internal space-saving.