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Technological advances in driving support, active and passive safety are remarkable, and electrical control is essential to establish safety technology. There is a growing needs for sensor and camera that is for driving assistance or object detection, and also a need for robust connectors.

Current Challenges

・Ensure high reliability as safety related parts.
・Lengthen object detection distances and expand object detection range.

Proposal from SMK

・Highly-reliable components that meet automotive specifications for heat-resistance/vibration-proof performance etc.
・High-pixel/resolution, narrow-angle and wide-angle camera module.
・Downsized components that realize high contact reliability and robustness.

Product Lineup

Occupancy Sensor PDF Multiple occupant information can be acquired by a single sensor.
Camera Modules An automotive high-resolution camera module that supports over one million pixels.
Camera Connectors PDF A wide lineup of coaxial-type automotive camera connectors. They can also be customized.
Multi Coaxial Connectors A compact multipolar coaxial connector that uses multiple cameras and handles an increased number of circuits due to communication antenna diversification.
This introduces SMK’s wide range of connectors and input devices which have been successfully used for automotive purposes.
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