SMK's Activity for the Wearable Device Market
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SMK has developed small, thin and light products for the small device market including mobile phones/smartphones, video cameras, and digital still cameras.
Applying our previously developed technologies to the latest wearable device market, we aim to contribute to the increased downsizing and lightness of equipment.

【Watch Type】【Glasses Type】【Wrist Band Type】【Head Mount
Display Type】
【Video Camera Type】

SMK Recommended Products

Internal Connectors
We have a wide and varied lineup of high performance pogo terminal and FB connectors that ensure highly-reliable contact with devices due to low-profile crimping connector and unique contact structure perfect for battery connection.
for batteries
Board to Wire Connectors RF Coaxial Connectors
FB-10 CPL-1.2 ID-Multi TS-11
High Performance
Pogo Terminal
Earth Terminals    
HiPOGO TErminal Earth Terminal    
Interface Connectors
We have a varied lineup of products with high resistance to twisting force including connectors that support high-speed transmission standards and waterproof specifications due to our original structure.
Battery Connectors Interface Connectors Mini Jacks
battery connector USB-Micro AB connector USB Type-C connector JK-35WP
Input Devices
A diversity of inputting devices are available including touch panels, capacitive switches, and small push switches.
Touch Panels
Touch Switch
Push Switches
mini One Dome Switches

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