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Technology for
Easily Measuring
Deep Body Temperature

This is a technology for measuring deep body temperature using a proprietary sensor/algorithm. By monitoring and analyzing heat movements using proprietary sensors and algorithms, it is possible to measure the internal temperature of the user’s body (deep body temperature) non-invasively, easily, and accurately. This measurement technology can be used for applications such as daily health management, illness monitoring, heat stroke prevention, and exercise performance management.

Product Overview

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    A unique small sensor measures deep body temperature non-invasively and easily from outside the body.

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    The technology can continuously measure deep body temperature. As it measures the changes in the user’s deep body temperature, it can be applied to daily health management, illness detection, performance management during sports, and so on.

  • *The standard method of measuring deep body temperature is to measure the temperature of the rectum.
    While this is accurate, the temperature probe must be inserted directly into the body through the anus to measure the temperature inside the rectum, which is stressful for the user and cannot be done continuously in daily life.

Technical Overview

Under Development

●What is skin temperature/deep body temperature?

Thermometers used at home measure the user’s body temperature by measuring skin temperature, i.e., the temperature of the skin’s surface. However, this measurement method is easily influenced by the surrounding environment. Compared to skin temperature, deep body temperature, i.e., the temperature inside the body, is less sensitive to the surrounding environment, and although there are individual differences, it is around 37.0°C. In fact, under low ambient temperatures, the skin temperature of the body’s extremities (feet, forearms, hands, lower legs, etc.) decreases, while the temperature in the center of the body, such as brain and internal organs, remains relatively constant. On the other hand, under high ambient temperature, the difference in skin temperature between the extremities and the center of the body is smaller.

●Benefits of knowing the deep body temperature

The benefits of knowing the deep body temperature is that it is possible to understand the body’s signals that are not apparent on the surface. In addition, deep body temperature is thought to vary according to circadian rhythm, disease, exercise, and other factors. Therefore, by continuously measuring the changes in deep body temperature and comparing the data, it is possible to determine body signals that are difficult to detect by surface skin temperature, and these can be used for daily health management, detection of disease signals, performance management during sports, and the like.

●How to measure deep body temperature
The combination of the unique sensor and AI-based algorithm enables measurement of deep body temperature in addition to skin temperature from the body surface.
Image of heat movement
detected by sensor
  • Detect the movement of heat emitted
    from the body surface using a unique sensor

    Analyze heat by proprietary algorithm

    Measure skin temperature as well as
    deep body temperature

Use Cases

It can be used in a variety of situations to monitor daily life situations safely and securely.

  • Detection of heat stroke/heat stroke signs

    It monitors the deep body temperature in real time during physical labor or sports and alerts users when there is a rise in deep body temperature that could indicate heat stroke to prevent accidents and protect users.

  • Maximizing the performance of athletes

    It monitors the deep body temperature of athletes during practice and competitions, and provides warm-up or cool-down treatment depending on the temperature to maintain the optimal deep body temperature for maximum performance.

  • Prevention and detection of physical disorders

    By monitoring the deep body temperature of patients hospitalized for illness or injury, physical changes can be promptly detected.

  • Use in femtech

    We aim to create an application that detects early signs and the occurrence of menstruation, pregnancy, and other physiological phenomena unique to women by monitoring deep body temperature on a daily basis, and then suggesting appropriate action such as hospital visits and treatments.

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