Open innovation by SMK

Open innovation
by SMK

SMK has long worked on open innovation and has gained a great deal of experience and made many achievements.
We scour more than 1,000 companies annually for technologies around the world, mainly from Europe, the United States, and Israel, and have built up a track record of various technological verifications and PoCs, producing a large number of different businesses working toward mass production. We promote the creation of new solutions and businesses that can be deployed on a global scale by combining cutting-edge algorithms, AI and other technologies of startup companies with SMK’s mass production design and manufacturing expertise.

innovation matching

SMK’s development themes cover a wide range and we conduct technology discovery using many different keywords, such as biometric sensors, malfunction detection, camera technology, car electronics, HMI and predictive algorithms.
As information sources, the Company has access to many networks including venture capital, embassies, universities and trade shows, and constantly examines the information gathered.
SMK’s project teams promote business development by innovatively matching the internally assessed technological seeds with customer issues and needs.

〈Themes for reference〉
Theme Items
Biometric Sensors Non-contact: Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, blood oxygen level
Non-invasive: Blood glucose level, myoelectric signals, deep body temperature
Other Sensors Odor, water leakage, gas, air, air quality, temperature distribution, distance measurement, pressure sensitivity
HMI Non-contact operation, gesture operation, haptics, cold/heat reproduction, predictive operation
Estimated Algorithms
Stress, concentration level, emotion, disease/seizure, muscle fatigue, heat stroke, menopause, dementia, machine failure
Monitoring Fall detection, submersion detection, medication support, sleep disorder monitoring, behavior analysis
Communication Low-power RF communication, millimeter waves, antenna arrays
Energy Environmental power generation (light, temperature difference, vibration),
bio batteries, wireless power supplies, flexible batteries
Materials Biomass materials, stretchable conductive materials, biodegradable materials, conductive inks
Security Biometric authentication, facial recognition, access control

SMK’s unique advantage

  • 01

    Deep insight into
    Innovation × Technology

    SMK has the capability to match innovative technologies that are cost-competitive and feasible for mass production after examining more than 1,000 startup technologies each year.

  • 02

    Experience in concept creation of new product to
    prototyping for mass production

    There is a high barrier between prototype and mass production.
    SMK knows how to overcome this barrier by leveraging its experience as an electronic component manufacturer.
    By selecting technologies suitable for mass production, we perform prototyping in view of the technology and cost of mass production.

  • 03

    Worldwide sales network

    Having customers in a wide range of fields around the world, SMK not only manufactures but also provides sales support for the new products and services it develops.

Whether you’re a customer or startup company, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Searching for a specific technology but struggling to find it
  • Want to develop business with technology in SMK’s fields
  • Want to work with startups in other countries but struggling to work directly with them


  • Despite having core technology, do not have expertise in prototyping and mass production design and sales
  • Need support with customer development as well as manufacturing
  • Want to consider joint development or business partnership
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