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Parts No.


Series JK-35WP 
Product Name 3.5mm Dia. Mini Jack (Waterproof Type) 
Parts No. LGY2109-7000F 
  • 1. Equipped with IPX7 waterproof performance due to its unique structure.
  • 2. Uses an SMT type connector for mounting and can also be mounted on FPC, etc.
  • 3. Includes a 4-pin 1-switch function. Can connect to another signal in addition to L/R sound and GND (ground).
  • 4. More compact and has a lower profile due to its unique structure.
  • 5. Uses a plug-mediated sleeve make-switch system for plug detection, improving contact reliability due to a self-cleaning effect.
  • 6. Country of Origin:China  
Application smartphone, mobile phones, portable audio equipment, other small AV equipment  
Standard - 
External Dimension Width: 13.6mm Depth: 7.8mm Height: 基板取付高さ 4.2mm 
Packaging Emboss Taping(800 pcs/reel) 
Applicable Plug Diameter 3.5mm 
Number of Pins
Mounting Method SMD 
Terminal Shape Right angle 
Rating 0.5A, DV 5V 
Contact Resistance 50mΩ Max.
Insulation Resistance DC 500V 100MΩ Min.
Withstanding Voltage AC 100V (for one minute)
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +80℃ 
Housing Thermoplastic Resin 
Sleeve Spring Cu Alloy 
Tip Spring Cu Alloy 
Mounting Method SMD  
Switch with 
Recommended Layout Reflow Soldering 
Specification is subject to change without prior notice for improving performance of the product and so on.
Dimensions and specifications described herein are limited to major items.
When applying the product, please confirm details in the drawing and spec sheets which will be provided upon request.
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