BT401 Series
Bluetooth® SPP Module


  • 1.This module has an integrated antenna and complies with the Bluetooth® standard.
  • 2.SPP is combined in this module as a standard item.
  • 3.The module has acquired Bluetooth® SIG certication and radio law certications in Japan, U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • 4.Supports iAP (iPhone / iPod Accessory Protocol) which realizes connection with iOS equipment.
  • *If you select BT401-AP2 with iAP programmed, you must be a member of the Apple Inc.® the MFi license program.
  • *After July 1, 2020, Bluetooth® Specification Version 3.0 will be withdrawn. Since then, please note that you can not register QD - EPL (Qualified Design - End Product Listing) using this module at all. FYI, products that were registered before withdrawal can be sold continuously even after withdrawal.


Bluetooth Version: Version .3.0
Bluetooth Power Class: Class2
Support Profiles: GAP, SPP
Power Supply: 2.7V~3.6V DC
External Dimension: 25.0mm×11.0mm×2.3mm
Mounting Method: Surface mount type
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃


    Printers, hand-held terminals, barcode readers, and other automatic recognition devices, Measuring instruments, sensor devices, control units, and other industrial equipment , Blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, and other health-care equipment

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