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【生産終了】BTS01 Series
Bluetooth<sup style=vertical-align:super;>®</sup> Smart Module


  • 1.Surface mounting module with a built-in antenna.
  • 2.Blank modules and complete modules with embedded profiles are provided as well.
  • 3.Supports slave mode operation only.
  • 4.Available for several institutions (Bluetooth® SIG, Radio Act related certification bodies, FCC, IC, and CE marking).
  • 5.The evaluation kit useful for the evaluation and development efforts at the customer´s end is also available on request.
  • *After July 1, 2020, Bluetooth® Specification Version 4.1 will be withdrawn. Since then, please note that you can not register QD - EPL (Qualified Design - End Product Listing) using this module at all. FYI, products that were registered before withdrawal can be sold continuously even after withdrawal.


Bluetooth Version: Version .4.1 (Single Mode Low Energy Radio)
Bluetooth Power Class:
Support Profiles: GATT
Power Supply: DC 2.1V~3.6V
External Dimension: 18.0mm×9.0mm×2.5mm
Mounting Method: Surface mount type
Operating Temperature Range: -20 ~70℃


    Health care devices, smart phone accessories,commercial service devices, industrial devices, etc.

  • Inquiry


Specification is subject to change without prior notice for improving performance of the product and so on.
Dimensions and specifications described herein are limited to major items.
When applying the product, please confirm details in the drawing and spec sheets which will be provided upon request.
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