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OT Series
Optical Touch Panel


  • 1. A touch panel is suitable for equipment of general use or requiring high level reliability.
  • 2. Thin and compact design by the use of SMT type optical elements.
  • 3. Input surface sizes can be customized to meet individual applications.
  • 4. Drip and dust-proof design due to the protective panel.


Resolution: Single precision (L:6.6mm・W:6.6mm)
×2 precision (L:3.3mm・W:3.3mm)
×4 precision (L:1.65mm・W:1.65mm)
Supply Voltage: 5V±5%


    POS, ATM, Ticket vending machine, KIOSK

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Parts No. Size Circuit Board Operation Panel Panel Thickness Number of Sensors Interface
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TJQ0100-010XF10.4inch external acrylic 32×24 UART(RS-232C/9600bps)、USB mouse(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps)、Digitizer(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps) 
TJQ0100-040XF17inch external Reinforced glass 51×41 UART(RS-232C/9600bps)、USB mouse(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps)、Digitizer(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps) 
TJQ0100-030XF15inch external Reinforced glass 46×34 UART(RS-232C/9600bps)、USB mouse(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps)、Digitizer(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps) 
TJQ0100-020XF12.1inch external acrylic 37×28 UART(RS-232C/9600bps)、USB mouse(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps)、Digitizer(USB2.0/FullSpeed 12Mbps) 
1 - 4 of 4
Change in number of search results per page: 103050

Optical Touch Panels

※Requests can be met for custom products. Please contact us here.
Specification is subject to change without prior notice for improving performance of the product and so on.
Dimensions and specifications described herein are limited to major items.
When applying the product, please confirm details in the drawing and spec sheets which will be provided upon request.
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