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Engage in Society

SMK Group is committed to implementing the SMK Group Charter for Corporate Behavior, respects our bonds with communities and traditions as a good corporate citizen, and has carried out a variety of activities as a corporation that coexists with regional societies.

Some examples include tree planting activities, acceptance of interns, offering of manufacturing classes for elementary school students. We will continue to conduct these activities in the future.

Effective Utilization of Resources

Donation of school chairs made from used wooden pallets

SMK Philippines has been donating school chairs produced within our company from used wooden pallets to local elementary schools.
We donated 100 school chairs to the local day nursery and elementary school. We also conducted a presentation about garage separation at the elementary school.

Donation of school chairs

Recycling second-hand goods

In December 2020, environmental public interest activities were conducted. Second-hand clothes, PET bottles, and used paper were collected as part of recycling promotion activities. A total of about 30 kg of second-hand goods were collected and we contributed to recycling activities in Dongguan City.

Recycling second-hand goods
SMK Dongguan (China)

Collecting PET bottle caps

At its various bases throughout the country, the SMK Group has been participating in PET bottle cap collection activities conducted by local welfare groups.
At the SMK Mexico plant, special containers were put out and 150kg worth of caps were collected in 2 months. These were then sent to a local welfare group. The objective of this group’s activities is to support children in Mexico fighting illnesses, and to contribute to the provision of healthcare and food.

Donation of school chairs
SMK Mexico

Environmental Preservation

Conservation activities in wildlife protection districts

Volunteers cut weeds in the local wildlife protection district. During these activities, volunteers encountered wild turkeys, butterflies and birds, and it was a fun and worthwhile experience for all.

Conservation activities in wildlife protection districts
SMK America Group

Cleanup activities

SMK Group is actively engaged in community cleanup activities.

Cleanup activities
SMK Toyama/SMK Hitachi

Cleanup activities
SMK America Group

Flower Planting Activity

As a member of the Shinagawa CSR Promotion Association, SMK participated in the Shinagawa Hanakaido flower planting project.
A project managed by an NPO, Shinagawa Hanakaido nurtures rape blossoms and Mexican asters which grow along a 2 kilometer stretch of the Katsushima Canal dyke, which makes the area rich in nature and contributes to the creation of a society which is in harmony with nature.

Flower Planting Activity
Head Office

Tree planting activity

SMK Philippines undertakes tree planting activities as part of its environmental conservation drive for CO2 reduction.

Tree planting activity
SMK Philippines

Environmental Communication

Factory tour

We organized a factory tour for employees’ families in September 2019. The curriculum stressed the importance of environmental protection. It included a Q&A session and games, which were great fun for the children.

Factory tour
SMK Dongguan (China)

Introduction of Environmental Conservation Activities and Hands-on Manufacturing Experience

Every August, SMK holds "Introduction of Environmental Conservation Activities and Hands-on Manufacturing Experience" at our head office in cooperation with the Shinagawa municipal environmental learning exchange facility "ECORU Togoshi".
This program aims to teach children the importance of environmental conservation and the joy of hands-on manufacturing. In 2023, 19 local primary school children and their families participated.

Hands-on Manufacturing Experience
Electronic DIY

Community Engagement

Offering internships

SMK accepts interns who are mainly university students and supports the formation of their career paths and development of their skills through training and education.


Participation in local festival (headquarters district)

Many employees participated in a local festival as Mikoshi bearers and deepened the communication with neighborhood. Besides this, the headquarters office also provided its courtyard as a space for Mikoshi bearers to take a break.

Participation in local festival

Showa Ikeda Memorial Foundation

The Showa Ikeda Memorial Foundation, which is a public interest incorporated foundation established by the late Mr. Heishiro Ikeda, the founder of the company, and the late Mrs. Shizuko Ikeda, has chiefly engaged in three aspects of charitable activities: scholarship programs, social welfare projects, and support for traditional entertainment.

1. Breakdown of charitable activities expenses by category
    (an average over three years from 2018 to 2020)

Breakdown of charitable activities expenses

2. Charitable activities

Student Research Award Recipients & Founders
40th Student Research Award Recipients & Founders

Donation of kindergarten kids cart
Donation of kindergarten kids cart