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Message from top management


 This is the slogan for its SMK management strategy. “Creative Connectivity” is what represents our wish to contribute to building a better society and future by solving problems in society and for our clients. We mean to do so by creatively connecting people with people, people with products and products with products.
 From now on more and more products and people will be connected each other. Therefore it is important that how we connect them creatively, not simply.
 We firmly believe it is our mission to provide solutions with a challenging spirit to confront and solve problems in society as well as for our clients, while pursuing creativity to come up with original ideas and technology to realize them.
 This is the corporate culture of the SMK group, achieved by nurturing an environment for everyone at SMK to perform creatively, as well as encouraging our staff to make new challenges.

To whom are aspiring SMK

 What we expect to people who apply for SMK is to create ideas to achieve higher results by connecting more creatively with the people around us, while pursuing higher standards in execution.
 Also, rather than simply doing what one is told to do, employees must assume the challenge of achieving their goals in a creative manner, without fear of departing from the ways things have been done in the past, based on their own awareness of the issues.
 In addition, despite the importance of an international sensibility, we believe people can develop true international perspectives only if they have an understanding of their own cultures; this allows them to express themselves in other cultures, too. Thinking about things from a broad global perspective is likely to become increasingly important for the realization of "Transnational Management" which SMK aims, not just for work but in personal life.
 Our aim is to make a company in which all our employees realize their dreams. The whole world is SMK’s field of business. Let’s make your dreams come true together with us.

President, CEO and COO
Yasumitsu Ikeda

SMK’s Vision

Aspiring to become a cultural corporation which nurtures our human resource

SMK aspires to become a corporate group that targets Challenge, Creativity, and Solutions, having our employees grow on a long-term basis by emphasizing a structural system and corporate culture that can nurture human resources with the ability to execute these targets.

Aspiring to become a company in high demand by society
SMK aspires to become a corporate group that can propose innovative and original solutions to the challenges of our times, especially in the business realm of “Connectivity”.