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Development of 1.2mm type single-sided momentary slide switch

 We are pleased to announce the development of a 1.2 mm-thin single-sided type for the JSS slide switch series.


 There have often been cases in recent years where switches on portable equipment such as digital cameras, digital portable audio products and laptops turn on accidentally when inside a bag. Switches less sensitive to unintended operations are sought to counter these problems in addition to increasing demand for smaller end products, resulting in demand for smaller, thinner switches.


 In response to such market requirements, we have developed a thinner version of the JSS slide switch series (single-sided momentary design) and added it to our product line.

This new product helps prevent unintended operation of equipment by using the property of momentary action (spring-back system). The optimally designed structure reduces the height by approximately 40% compared to our previous equivalent switch (1.8 mm thick), to a mere 1.2 mm, the industry's thinnest momentary slide switches.  Furthermore, the external dimensions are smaller by approximately 40% than our previous equivalent switch, allowing downsized equipment design.  Its operating life is the longest in the industry for this type of switch at 100,000 cycles, increasing operability and reliability of equipment.

Date Released Mar. 12, 2009
Press Release No. 851fc
Product Name Slide switch, the JSS series (1.2 mm type single-sided momentary design)
  • 1) Use of momentary (spring-back) characteristics helps prevent unintended operation of equipment.
  • 2) The optimally designed structure allows a thinner design of 1.2 mm, the industry's thinnest for single-sided momentary slide switches, allowing smaller and thinner equipment design.
Major specifications Rating 10mA, 6V DC
Operation Force 1.0N±0.5N
Stroke 2.0 mm±0.15 mm
External Dimensions 7.6 (W) × 2.6 (D) × 1.2 mm (H)
Applications Portable equipment such as mobile phones, digital portable audio products, etc.
Sample shipment Mar. 2009     Production start from May. 2009
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