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 Development of PadDock 10™ “VP3650” Speaker Dock Station for iPad

We are pleased to announce that we have developed the “PadDock 10™” Speaker Dock Station for iPad.
This product is a rotatable stand-type dock station that charges the iPad when installed (Charge mode), and can be synchronized with iTunes when connected to a computer (Sync Mode).
This product is installed with amp and speakers, so users can synchronize it with iTunes and listen to music from the speakers. 
Integrated with the stand, the speakers have a stylish design. The speaker sound reverberates throughout the room, achieving a high-quality sound from low to high-range.
 This product goes on sale from December, 2010.
We are planning to sell this product mainly via the below distribution routes.
(Distribution route) Electronics retail stores and Internet-based mail order companies.

Note: iPad is not included with this product.
This product has been certified by Apple Inc.
iPad and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc. that are registered in the United States and other countries.

Date Released Dec. 03, 2010
Press Release No. 906fc
Product Name PadDock 10™ “FC8901” VP3650
  • 1)Charge mode: can charge iPad
    (USB charging cable is included)
  • 2)Sync mode: can be synchronized with iTunes
    (mini USB cable for computer connection is included)
    *Used by connecting to a computer with the enclosed mini USB cable.
  • 3) Stand rotation function: rotates 360-degrees, locks at increments of 90-degrees and supports switching between vertical and horizontal screen
  • 4) Installed with a tint function enabling the iPad screen to be adjusted to an easier to view angle.
    *Angle adjustment is possible from 0-degree to a maximum of 30-degrees.
Major specifications

Size 26.4cm (W) × 14.5cm (D) × 30.0cm (H)
Weight  Approx. 1.4kg
Power supply  DC5V voltage, 2A (Max.) current
Speaker   5W output (2.5W × 2)
Accessories USB charging cable, mini USB cable
Planned number of units to be sold 1,000 units per month
Market Introduction December 2010
Inquiry * For more information, please contact the FC Division.