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SMK Improves Connectors for COB LED Module
by Making Them Halogen-free and UL Certified

   SMK Corporation has improved its current connectors for Chip On Board (COB) LED module to enhance customer convenience.

① SMK has produced COB connectors with UL94 HB flame retardancy
   by using halogen-free molding materials.(Among the halogen
   elements, bromine is said to affect the lifetime of the LED.)In addition,
   the company is due to commence mass production of UL94V-0 products
   with the halogen-free molding materials by the end of this year.
② All series of connectors for COB LED module have newly been certified
   according to UL 8754, helping customers to eliminate man-hours for
   acquisition of the certification. (As a lightning surge measure, a
   sufficiently spacious creepage distance has been secured in compliance
   with the IEC and JIS standards, achieving safe breakdown voltage.)
③ Product lineup was expanded with connectors using silicone heat-
   dissipation sheets, which provide a stable heat dissipation performance
   toward COB LEDs whose output had rapidly increased.

   The connectors are composed of top and bottom covers within which a LED is inserted. LED heat is dissipated to the heat sink by the thermal conduction sheet integrated to the bottom cover.
   It requires no preliminary processes such as applying thermal conduction grease or attaching thermal conduction sheet, improving assembly workability and reliability.
   The power supply section uses a snap-in contact to realize easy and secure electric wire connection.

<Compatible LED Manufacturers>
LED Manufacturers
LT-10 Nichia Corporation
LT-11 Citizen Electronics Co.,Ltd.
LT-12 Cree, Inc.
※Please contact SMK Corporation for part numbers of compatible
   COB and connectors.

General illumination apparatus with COB LEDs: Indoor lighting, down-lighting, street lights, stadium lights, etc.

Published Date August 22nd, 2017
Press Release Number 1084CS
Product Name Connector for COB LED Module
“LT-10/11/12/14 Series”

Major Specifications

Voltage and Current Rating 250V AC/DC at 2A
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +105℃
Contact Resistance 30mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩ minimum (500V DC)
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC/DC (1 minute)
Breakdown Voltage
[Reference Value]
4kV (creepage distance 3.0mm or greater)
6kV (creepage distance 5.5mm or greater)
Production Capacity 300,000 units per month
Sample Price 500 yen per unit
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