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SMK Develops Double-sided ITO Capacitive Touch Panel
Featuring No False Touch with Water Drop
and Support for Thick Cover Panel

   SMK Corporation has developed a capacitive touch panel consisting of double-sided ITO glass sensor “CapDuo Touch-2”, whose sensor patterns were improved from the conventional product “CapDuo Touch” to enable hybrid sensing (self-/mutual-capacitance), allowing touch detection even when a drop of water is on the panel, input when wearing gloves, and use with thick cover panel which is now in increasing demand.
   CapDuo Touch series features the single glass structure. As x and y sensors are formed respectively on the front and back surfaces of a single sheet of glass, it requires no OCA sheet for glass bonding, and contributes to narrower frame, thinner and lighter panel, and reduction of material costs compared to the “G1G” sensor consisting of two sheets of glass.
   Besides, the new product employs the bridgeless structure as with the conventional product and achieves superior appearance, contributing to the functional advancement of final products.

*ITO: indium tin oxide, OCA: optically clear adhesive

Infotainment systems (in-vehicle infotainment, display audio,
car navigation equipment, etc.) and automotive center consoles.

Published Date July 24th, 2018
Press Release Number 1103TP
Product Name Capacitive Touch Panel “CapDuo Touch-2”

1) Sensor patterns were improved to allow touch detection even when water drop
    on the panel and use with thick cover panel.
2) ITO sensors are formed on both sides of a single sheet of glass, which
    contributes to fewer parts and thinner/lighter touch panel.
3) Bridgeless structure brings superior appearance.

Major Specifications

Sensing System Capacitive (Self-/Mutual-capacitive)
Input Method Finger
Input Force 0 N
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +95°C
Typical Transparency 90% minimum (when optical film is adhered)
Reflectance 10% maximum (when optical film is adhered)
Release Date November, 2018
Production Capacity 100,000 units per month
Sample Price Price dependent on customization required.
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