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Internship information

Basic concepts of SMK internships

 Internships are intended to give students a real-world understanding of work through work experiences related to their fields of study and future careers.


Application guidelines

Eligible applicants In principle, university students and master's degree students in technical, administrative fields and technical-college and specialized-school students in technical fields.
Term of internship Details to be announced
Available duties and number of positions Details to be announced
Locations SMK head office (Shinagawa-ku), Toyama Works (Toyama City), Hitachi Works (Hitachi City)
Compensations and work hours
Work hours 8:20 am-5:05 pm (eight hours/day)
Commuting expenses Actual cost of commuting reimbursed
Daily wages In principle, no wages are paid
Meal expenses Reimbursement of actual cost of meals in employee dining halls
Casualty insurance Provided by company
How to apply Submit the following documents by post or e-mail
 1.Your resume
 2.An essay describing your reasons for applying
 ・Why you want to be an intern at SMK
 ・Your expectations for an internship at SMK
  What you hope to achieve through your internship at SMK
Applications accepted Details to be announced
Where to apply and address inquiries Human Resources Dept.
5-5 Togoshi 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-8511 Japan
TEL:+81-3-3785-1107 (direct line)
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