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HR message

Seeking independent individuals motivated to tackle thechallenge of the unknown

As expressed in the call to “take the challenge to seek higher goals without fear of failure”—one of SMK’s Action Guidelines– SMK seeks employees who are self-starters, independent, and capable of helping themselves and assuming responsibility for their actions, with strong motivation. At the same time, as expressed in the call to “keep an open mind and view SMK from a global perspective,” we seek people who can promote transnational management in global business fields.

SMK is proud of the positive atmosphere that emerges from its unique strengths.
We welcome individuals interested in various aspects of global enterprise.

SMK today applies global standards both in its business and human resource strategies. Diversity-whereby employees from around the world come to pool their efforts without regard for nationality, age, or gender-has grown increasingly important. Still, we cannot approach our ideals no matter how much we extol global standards and diversity unless we first establish the structures and systems needed to apply these qualities. SMK offers the ideal structures and systems, rooted strongly within the organization. The movement toward globalization here at SMK is organic. Thanks to its enviable structures and systems, SMK has created a flexible, comfortable company culture in which individual employees have room to move and grow. SMK is proud of the positive atmosphere that emerges from its unique strengths-an atmosphere that attracts employees of strong abilities, helping to strengthen a structure based on joint effort in which employees are eager to help one another. The strength that emerges from these efforts helps create superior products and systems. We welcome with open arms those who take a positive approach to work and seek out challenges. With various systems that encourage individual employees to propose and bring to life their ideas, we provide venues and opportunities for employees to fulfill their dreams. We encourage all those who wish to test their potential by tackling the challenges posed by global enterprise to come knocking at our door. We look forward to meeting you.