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Training system

Supporting employees in improving their skills

The goal of SMK’s training system is to develop human resources who are self-starters, independent, and capable of helping themselves and taking responsibility for their actions, with strong levels of motivation to assume new challenges. To achieve this goal, SMK is developing a training system that provides training for each grade and each job group from new employees through managers, to help each and every employee nurture his or her abilities on a continual basis.

Training for new employees

Training for new employees includes training provided upon joining the company, three-month interviews, training provided six months after joining the company, and training provided in the third year after joining the company. In addition to this grade-based training, introductory and beginning-level training is provided for each job group, such as sales, engineering, and production management, as well as on-the-job training in the sections to which employees are assigned, distance learning (with tuition assistance available), and other training. In this way, employees are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to become human resources who can promote transnational management, through combination of a diverse range of training programs.

In addition to on-the-job training, new employees are assigned mentors with whom they may discuss a wide range of concerns, not limited to work and career development.

Also, e-learning and distance-learning programs are available for prospective employees who have received job offers.

Class-based training
Training on the management-by-objectives system
Management game trainingbr>Debate training
Basic management training
Training for employees dispatched overseas
Training for mid-career employees
Career-development seminar
Training on performance-focused management
Management school, etc
Communication IT literacy training
English conversation courses
Chinese classes
Training on intercultural communication
English presentation training
English business writing training
Training on Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, etc.
Quality control training
Product environmental assessment training
Product-liability training
Zero-defect training
Basic management training
Basic training on safety standards, etc.
Function-specific training
Sales sections
Training to promote sales-method innovations
Practical training on solutions sales
Training on sales technologies
Training on sales administration
Import/export training
Training on IT tools
Training for TN sales personnel, etc.
Engineering sections
Beginner/intermediate engineer training
General/specialist engineer training
3D/2D CAD training
FEM training
Technological information-exchange and training sessions
Elemental technologies working groups
Manufacturing training
Specialized technology training for production engineers, etc.
Production management sections
Production and manufacturing training courses
(introductory, beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Instructor training, etc.