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SMK Expands Product Lineup of FAKRA Connector
New 360° Rotary Connector Improves Workability

   SMK has expanded its existing product lineup of automotive FAKRA connector by adding rotary type waterproof connector for cable jack.
   FAKRA connectors are increasingly used in vehicles for the connections on automotive devices such as GPS navigation, TVs, radios, and cameras in many countries around the world, notably in Europe.
   SMK’s new FAKRA connector features its 360 degree rotatable housing, which enables mating without giving excessive load to the cable, contributing to improved workability.
   SMK has been providing a variety of FAKRA connectors both in PCB mount type and cable type. With the newly developed rotary type waterproof connector, SMK will offer a wider range of proposals corresponding to customer needs.

Automotive devices
(GPS navigation, TVs, radios, rear view cameras, etc.)

Published Date December 19th, 2018
Press Release Number 1110CS
Product Name Rotary Type Waterproof FAKRA Connector for Cable Jack

1) Waterproof structure meeting IPX7 and IPX9K.
2) 360 degree rotatable housing allows reduced load on cable and improved mating
3) High frequency performance covering from DC to 4GHz.
4) Straight type and right angle type are available.
5) Applicable cable is equivalent to 1.5D (φ3.0mm outer diameter).
6) RoHS compliant.
7) ISO20860-1/-2, DIN72594-1/-2, USCAR-17/-18 compliant.

Major Specifications

Rating 60V AC/DC, 1A
Frequency Range DC to 4GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR 1.3 maximum (DC to 2GHz)
1.5 maximum (2 to 4GHz)
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +105℃
Insertion Loss 0.3dB maximum (DC to 3GHz)
0.35dB maximum (3 to 4GHz)
Applicable cable Equivalent to 1.5D (Outer diameter: φ3.0mm)
Designed in accordance with ISO20860-1/-2, DIN72594-1/-2, USCAR-17/-18
Operating Life 30 cycles
Release Date January 2019
Sample Price Price dependent on specifications.
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