Since SMK adopted English as an official company language in April 2001, does that mean people without English-language skills are not eligible to work at the company?
Although SMK is a Japanese company, English is an official company language, alongside Japanese. This is because it's impossible for a company to succeed in this age of hypercompetition, as adoption of global standards accelerates across a wide range of fields and market globalization advances in the business environment, based on management carried out solely in Japanese. Some believe this means SMK employees must speak and send and receive e-mails in English all the time. This isn't the case. English is used when needed, while meetings between Japanese people are conducted in Japanese. The company's two official languages are Japanese and English. We welcome applicants who are motivated to learn in the future, even if they're not yet at they stage where they're confident of their own English-language skills.
I'd like to meet some experienced SMK employees. How can I do this?
Feel free to contact employees who have graduated from your college or university or with whom you may have other connections. Unfortunately, the Human Resource Dept. itself is unable to provide introductions to individual employees.
Do any age restrictions apply to applicants?
While SMK does not use age restrictions, older applicants are expected to have suitable levels of experience and capabilities.
I'm currently an engineering student, but I'd like to work in management instead. Can I apply for an administrative position?
Of course. Sales departments in particular welcome applicants with technical knowledge, since such knowledge is needed for sales positions, too.
I currently attend a university outside Japan. How can I apply for a position within SMK?
For the sake of prospective graduates attending universities outside Japan, SMK recruits year round. Feel free to apply through various hiring sites.

Placement, work

How are assignments chosen?
Applicants are asked in interviews what types of duties and responsibilities they wish to be assigned. In the interview, feel free to discuss in detail your own hopes and goals and the kind of job you want. SMK interviews are handled by representatives for each department and job-group, and applicant interests and goals are duly considered. Final assignments are determined based on comprehensive assessments that include individual aptitude and academic achievement. After joining the company, employees can use the self-reporting system to apply for transfers to other departments, if so desired.
Where would I work?
You may be assigned to any of SMK's facilities in Japan. There's a high likelihood that technical applicants will be assigned to Tokyo, Toyama, Hitachi (Ibaraki Prefecture), while administrative applications will likely be assigned to Tokyo or to Toyama, Hitachi Works, or sales facilities. While SMK also offers overseas positions, the employees assigned to such positions ordinarily have three or more years' experience working in Japan. While some applicants seek to be posted overseas immediately based on their advanced English-language skills, overseas assignments are determined on the basis of job capabilities first, with English-language skills the next determining factor.
Is overtime or weekend work required?
Overtime or weekend work may be required, depending on duties and the time of year. Since SMK makes a flextime system available to all employees, it also provides guidance to employees on how they can avoid overtime and weekend work in managing their own tasks in a planned, efficient manner. For the first six months of employment, recruits are required to work the hours from 8:20 am-5:05 pm (eight actual work hours in all) to acclimatize to the rhythms of the workplace.

Training and benefits

What kinds of training are provided for recruits?
All new graduates undergo about 10 days of training together when they join the company. This training teaches matters ranging from SMK's corporate philosophy, its action guidelines, and its management policies to the roles of each department and the basics of work duties.
Are dormitories available for single employees?
Male and female dormitories are provided in Tokyo only. The number of spaces available is limited. Rental assistance (27,000 yen/month, depending on employee age and locale) is granted to employees unable to obtain a room in a dormitory or living in residences they rent themselves. For employees unable to commute from home when assigned (for example) outside of Tokyo, the company provides rental housing for use as dormitories.
Do any women work at SMK after giving birth?
Many employees have returned to work after childbirth. SMK provides maternity leave (eight weeks' paid holiday before and after childbirth) and childcare leave (up to three years). In addition, after returning to work, employees can take advantage of a system of reduced work hours (at least six hours/day). This system is available to both male and female employees.。

Other topics

Can I request to have company information sent to me?
Information on the company is distributed at informational sessions for prospective recruits. Note that since information is also provided on the SMK website, we do not send documents in printed form. Please visit Company profile Booklet page.
How does the self-reporting system work?
Under the self-reporting system, employees can submit reports on their proposals or wishes for the company and their own departments or other departments, requests for transfer, and other matters. All proposals, wishes, and requests for transfer will be considered and implemented if judged to be appropriate.
What actions does SMK take to fulfill its social responsibilities?
All SMK production facilities in Japan and around the world and all offices under the jurisdiction of the head office have obtained ISO 14001 certification. As noted in the SMK Environmental Charter, SMK is working aggressively to protect the environment and to promote sustainable global development. In addition, SMK also issues an Environmental Report to help inform all stakeholders of its various environmental-protection activities. For additional information, please visit the Environmental Activity page.
What actions does SMK take to fulfill its social responsibilities?
Based on its Charter for Corporate Behavior, SMK observes international rules while respecting the local customs and cultures at the locations of each of its business facilities, pursuing management as a good corporate citizen that contributes to local development. The SMK Group also promotes aid for victims of disasters through efforts that include employee fund-raising, donating these funds along with contributions from SMK.

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